The Knovada software suite of products stands above all of the others for its ease of use, robust features and proactive support.

Benefits and Features

Knovada understands that one of the most important contributors to the success of an organization is its employees; they can also be the most costly assets. With the Knovada payroll system; the organization can automate their entire payroll processing as an integrated component of the Knovada Human Resources Management System (HRMS). Accessing the payroll information of each employee in the HRMS, the Payroll System calculates gross pay for each employee which includes salary/hourly wage/overtime pay together with specific benefits such as mobile phone allowance, automobile allowance, etc. The deductions are calculated based upon the tax regulations of the specific country with the final calculation being the net pay for the employee. Once the payroll processing is completed, the payroll information for each employee can be exported into an excel spreadsheet, word document or PDF; the system can print individual time slips; and transfer funds via direct deposit to the employee’s bank.

The Payroll System is a fully integrated module of the HRMS which is a fully web-enabled system which can support multiple locations of an organization with access capabilities from both laptop computers and mobile devices.

Payroll data for each employee is maintained in the centralized HRMS database.

The organization associates a specific payment category for each employee, salary or hourly wage.

The organization defines the applicable tax tables required based upon the applicable country tax code; a number of generic tax tables are provided in which the organization’s payroll administrator can specifically name the required tables.

The organization defines the applicable deductions which will be used in calculating the net pay for each employee. There are a number of generic deductions provided in which the organization’s payroll administrator can specifically name the deductions.

Multiple allowance tables are available for the payroll administrator to select and name all required allowances for the organization.

The Payroll System calculates the total pay for an employee/casual worker who is paid hourly based upon the number of hours worked during the pay period; this calculation based upon timesheets which are completed by the employee/casual worker and submitted to a designated approval authority such as a supervisor; payroll administrator; or other approval authority.

Should the organization manage the attendance data of their hourly employees/casual workers by biometric devices, the Payroll System has a direct link to download this biometric attendance data into the system.

Each employee will have their own personal calendar which includes the ability to view their individual pay stubs for the current payroll period plus a user defined number of historical payroll periods.

Should the organization wish to automate their various leave management accruals, the work schedule and time management module can be implemented to manage these accruals

Employee self service capability which allows employees to update their banking information

Designated personnel in the organization will have the ability to maintain all payroll information for employees and casual workers.

The management and administration of the entire software suite is controlled by the company’s designated staff based upon assigned roles.

Why Choose Knovada
Knovada is an internationally recognized provider of low-cost, high-value enterprise solutions with a focus on the delivery of simple software as a service (SSaaS) web-enabled integrated software suites for human resources administration and management, education and training and enhanced employee and customer communications. With a modular design and component architecture which provides the capability to select and deploy those elements which provide the greatest value to your organization, your enterprise can achieve the lowest total cost of ownership while maximizing the return on your software investment. No Information Technology resources are required which allows your staff to focus on supporting the organization. We provide our customers with a Capital-expenditure Free service while still enjoying the benefits enjoy enterprise-class technology which makes them competetive, in control, secure, and with the ability to work from anywhere that has an internet connection. Our software has easy to use confguration options that allow you to decide which fields will be displayed and the text that will be presented. Knovada has strategically partnered with internationally recognized organizations that specialize in all aspects of technology, networking, wireless, hardware and software to provide our clients with the absolute best services and products.