The Knovada software suite of products stands above all of the others for its ease of use, robust features and proactive support.

Benefits and Features

Our Hotel Management System is an integrated information system which allows hotels and restaurants to manage their operation and serve guests better. It is a fully customizable, web-based Electronic Guest Record System (EGRS) and can be integrated with our Customer Relationship Management module. As a hotel administrator you can perform the management functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and coordinating hotel functions.

Guest Relations: Designing Guest Feedback Form & Recording Of Feedback
Guest Database and Guest History.
Recording of Personal Details & Preference of Guest
Detailed 360* Profiling of individual guest

Events Calendar: The Events Calendar provides a calendaring system of events for your organization and allows you to book and reserve conferences and banquets. The Events Calendar Module allows for events to be entered through an administrative web site and immediately be displayed to the entire organization.

Maintenance and Management: Manage various machine hardware, spare parts, etc. and keeps track of repairs across different departments maintaining overall upkeep of the hotel.
Maintenance management of machinery and spare parts

Expense and budgeting: Manage total costs with inventory management for material usage.

Security: Supervise and assign specific responsibilities to the staff.
Modify such assignments when priorities change or unforeseen events occur.
The system provides you with maximum security allowing you to maintain various access privileges to different users according to their requirements.

Front Office Module: Check room status like reserved, checked-in, vacant, etc. with distinctive colors for easy recognition and quick decisions.
Make quick changes to rate plans and special packages according to the changing environment maximizing profits.
Provides you complete control over your rate plans by allowing you to configure various rates accordingly to changing seasonal demands after analyzing the market scenarios, ultimately maximizing your yield.

Reservations and Confirmation: Walk-in or over the phone reservations can be done by staff instantly and online bookings are automatically entered and easily updated in the system.
Once the reservation details are entered by the staff, an instant confirmation email is sent to the guest or a copy can be printed in multiple formats. Automated email confirmation is sent by the system for online bookings received from the hotel website or travel websites.

Housekeeping: Track status of all the rooms in the hotel with our easy to use Graphical User Interface. The system will track rooms which require immediate attention and assign the required staff with the task to quickly prepare theroom for guest arrival.
Easily distinguish between various activities within the housekeeping for efficient management of tasks and overall planning ensuring the housekeeping resources are allocated properly to ensure the hotel rooms are ready for occupancy.

Check-in: Upon guest's arrival, the front desk staff can easily check-in the reservation through the system’s online dashboard. Staff can use various filters to quickly search the guests in the system by name, group name, email, confirmation number, online travel agency voucher number Etc.

Extra Charges: Predefined charges (inclusions) are automatically added to the room portfolio when the guest checks in while additional charges incurred by the guest after check-in can be entered into the system to update the portfolio which provides the total charges incurred by the guest.

Check-out: Upon check-out, staff can verify the charges on the portfolio and enter any additional charges required. Payment can be made in cash or credit. To accommodate the billing requirements of the guests, the system can generate a single portfolio for multiple rooms or split a portfolio for a single room.

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Why Choose Knovada
Knovada is an internationally recognized provider of low-cost, high-value enterprise solutions with a focus on the delivery of simple software as a service (SSaaS) web-enabled integrated software suites for human resources administration and management, education and training and enhanced employee and customer communications. With a modular design and component architecture which provides the capability to select and deploy those elements which provide the greatest value to your organization, your enterprise can achieve the lowest total cost of ownership while maximizing the return on your software investment. No Information Technology resources are required which allows your staff to focus on supporting the organization. We provide our customers with a Capital-expenditure Free service while still enjoying the benefits enjoy enterprise-class technology which makes them competetive, in control, secure, and with the ability to work from anywhere that has an internet connection. Our software has easy to use confguration options that allow you to decide which fields will be displayed and the text that will be presented. Knovada has strategically partnered with internationally recognized organizations that specialize in all aspects of technology, networking, wireless, hardware and software to provide our clients with the absolute best services and products.